Diy Leather Fringe Skirt



I picked up a long, elastic waisted skirt from the local goodwill down the street from my house. It was sitting in my fabric pile for a lonnnggg time. I knew I would find something to do with it eventually! A girl can never have enough leather. Except maybe bikers, they probably have enough. However, I stumbled across an awesome tutorial while on pinterest from apairandaspare ( Finally, a cute option for my frumpy leather skirt!


I began by using a seam ripper to take out the lining of the skirt. I then took the elastic out of the waist, took in the sides of the skirt to fit my waist, and added a zipper. The zipper was honestly the hardest part of the entire project!


Next, I chopped off the bottom of the skirt and used a ruler and a thin point sharpie to mark where I wanted to cut the fringe. I ended up cutting my fringe into fourths from the original fringe cut because I made the strands way too wide.




I’m so happy with how it turned out!


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