DIY Doily Top


This DIY only took me about 20 minutes, it was super easy. I found a rectangular shaped doily and decided to turn it into a shirt.


 I cut the “built in” bra top out of an undershirt and hand stitched the doily to the top of it. I considered putting elastic straps on the back instead of the fabric but for now it looks good to me! IMG_6128

That’s it! I styled it with my DIY leather fringe skirt.IMG_4230

Free People Inspired DIY Dress


I saw this skirt at goodwill and instantly bought it to add to my growing maxi skirt collection. However, it was a little big. Originally I was going to just take it in a bit but i decided to make it into a dress.


I used this free people dress that I already had as a pattern by flattening it out and cutting my fabric to match it.





Once I had all four pieces (their are two patterned ones but its hard to tell in the picture) I simply sewed them together and ended up with this new dress that I am in love with!